Martin House hospice

We have long been aware of the excellent service that is provided by Martin House Hospice to Children and Families when severe illness strikes.

The staff at Martin House work tirelessly to provide a comfortable environment for the residents and following a visit to the hospice, we were overwhelmed with the calm, caring atmosphere, so much so that we decided to implement a permanent charitable donation to Martin House.

Rather than just giving a simple donation every year, we decided to try and involve our customers as much as possible. We came up with the idea of donating a certain amount of money every time a certain item of machinery went out on hire.

Our most popular items out on hire are our 1.5 ton excavators so we thought it a perfect piece of kit to use for this purpose so that we can maximise our donation to Martin House.

Our simple pledge is that we will donate £ 5  to Martin House every time the digger below goes out on hire. We plan to visit the hospice once a year at Christmas and present them with a cheque for the amount raised throughout the year and also take some festive goodies for the kids.

If you share the same admiration as we do for the invaluable service that Martin House provides, why not call us now and help us  maximise the amount we can give them.

Finally, a big thank you must go to Spectrum signs for kindly providing the special machinery livery seen in the photos Free of charge.